Bespoke Facial

The Lancaster Bespoke Facial is a completely customized luxury facial with concentrated infused
serums, specialized masques and an extensive facial massage leaving you feeling immediately rejuvenated and deeply relaxed. Your therapist will design a range of individual treatment solutions including hand mixed formulations and the latest in carefully selected skincare technology to correct, repair and nourish your skin. This treatment is highlighted with a leg massage & foot exfoliation with steam towel to complete the experience.

75 Minutes | $220.00

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Spa Facial

The Lancaster Spa Facial is a divine whole-body experience. This treatment begins with a tension relieving hot stone ritual for the back, neck and shoulders allowing your mind and body to completely relax. Your facial will then be designed with carefully selected professional products to suit your unique skin concerns. This holistic treatment also includes steam towel with relaxing leg and foot massage to complete the experience.

75 Minutes | $185.00

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Lady Lancaster

The Lady Lancaster is a super booster for a lackluster skin with fine lines that need stimulating and resurfacing. This treatment is ideal to brighten, plump and refine the texture of your skin. The facial will include AHA Enzyme exfoliation, a long relaxing facial massage to oxygenate and tone the skin, professional age renewing masque & vitamin C infused serum. A relaxing steam towel and hand massage is included to complete the experience.

60 Minutes | $190.00

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Hydration Facial

The Lancaster Hydrating Facial is for those skins that are always thirsty for more. In this treatment, we will select the very best combination of thirst-quenching products to plump and rehydrate your skin. The treatment also includes an indulgent lifting facial massage, hyaluronic infused serum and professional hydrating masque. A relaxing steam towel and hand massage is included to complete the experience.

60 Minutes | $165.00

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Sensitive Organic

The Lancaster Sensitive Organic Facial is designed to reduce redness as well as calm and support your reactive and sensitive skin. We understand that a delicate skin needs to be gently cared for with our most pure and calming ingredients, even a rosacea skin can find comfort here. This treatment is also ideal for pregnant and breastfeeding mums who like to take extra care during these nurturing times. A relaxing steam towel and foot massage included.

60 Minutes | $155.00

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Clarifying Facial

The Lancaster Clarifying Facial targets congestion and breakouts. This treatment includes steam extractions, an anti-bacterial infused serum & neck, shoulder and décolletage massage with a calming clay masque, leaving your skin feeling clean, calm and smooth.

45 Minutes | $145.00

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Little Lancaster

The Little Lancaster Facial is great for an in-between skin treatment boost or someone on the run and is designed to give your skin a glowing complexion. This power packed facial has all the little pleasures including double cleanse, professional masque, neck and décolletage massage as well as SPF to finish.

30 Minutes | $105.00

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Skin Needling Facial Treatment

This intensive skin needling treatment is perfect for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, stretch marks and scarring. Once the application of hyaluronic serum is applied our device glides over the skin using a one use only needle cartridge. This stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by creating micro skin channels, stimulating the skins natural repair response. This also maximizes serum delivery to the deeper layers of the skin, giving superior results in refining your complexion and improving your skin’s texture, glow & fullness.

Deluxe - 60 Minutes | $259.00

Express - 30 Minutes | $180.00

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Dermaplaning Facial Treatment

For maximum exfoliation of the epidermis, and the complete removal of fine facial hair. An ideal alternative for those who prefer not to wax. Not only will this treatment give you better efficiency of skin care products allowing better absorption, it will leave you with a dewy smooth complexion. This is a fantastic treatment before special occasions for a flawless makeup application.

Deluxe - 60 Minutes | $205.00

Express - 30 Minutes | $105.00

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Peel Facial Treatment

Our professional strength Peel treatment works at the cellular level to smooth your skin while targeting individual concerns such as hyperpigmentation, scarring and premature aging, leaving your skin brighter, rejuvenated & refined.

Deluxe - 60 Minutes | $200.00

Express - 30 Minutes | $100.00

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Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial Treatment

Lancaster & Co.’s hydra-dermabrasion is an advanced facial technology that incorporates a hydrating solution & diamond-tip abrasion simultaneously, this allows the skin to be thoroughly exfoliated in comfort. This essential treatment will refine, restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Deluxe - 60 Minutes | $180.00

Express - 30 Minutes | $110.00

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IPL Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Intense pulsed light (IPL) skin rejuvenation uses the power of light to reverse the visible signs of aging; you can reduce or even remove unwanted blemishes like pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun damage, age spots and redness. Note that all clients must attend a free consultation and test patch before IPL treatment plan. For best results IPL Photo Rejuvenation Therapy is recommended in a course of 4 treatments. Your
therapist will happily guide you upon consultation.

Full Face .................................. ($200)

Décolletage ............................. ($150)

Neck .......................................... ($95)

Full Face, Neck, Décolletage .. ($310)

Hands ...................................... ($150)

Spot Treatment ........................ ($50)

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